hubertus single shot rifle standard caliber

Hubertus Single Shot Rifle Standard Caliber


Pullback in the trigger
Universal trigger system
Combi manual clamping
Steel trigger guard
Removable strap shackles
Base plate for bridge swivel mounting
Nickel-plated bascule
Exhaust plate made of steel (for steel bascule)
Standard engraving with edge stitch
Hinge pin, locking lever, tension slider and trigger guard burnished
Standard shaft timber
Legal entity with a "Bavarian cheek"
15mm rubber butt plate in black
Fore-end with drip nose
Delivered in Krieghoff GunPack

Standard barrel length: 60 cm, optionally also 55 cm; standard shaft length: 35.5 cm; bascule in steel or dural. Weight approx. 2,500 – 3,200 g.