classic big five double rifle

Classic Big Five Double Rifle


Steel receiver
Universal trigger system
Combination hand tension
Steel trigger plate and trigger guard
Removable strap swivels
Nickel-plated receiver
Standard engraving with edge stitch
Hinge pin, locking lever, cocking slide and trigger guard are blued
Standard stock wood
Forend with drip nose
Delivered in a Krieghoff GunPack

Barrel length: 60 cm; Shaft length: 38 cm; front trigger as an evasive trigger without a set trigger; Screw cylinder for balance/weight optimization; open sights with wide V rear sight and bead front sight (located in the V base); "Big Five" stock shape including 15 mm "Old English" rubber butt cap in black. Weight approx. 4,200 – 4,800 g.