A400 Lite


With its B-Link® gas-operating system, the A400 is one of the fastest semiautomatic shotgun on the market, it combines low weight with low recoil, so that it can be easily carried around on the most strenuous adventures without ever being punishing on the shoulder.
Thanks to the geometric finish of Steelium® barrels the pattern is more accurate allowing the shooter better accuracy and better impact with the target.

Kick-off® stock allows the shooter an exceptional (up to 60%) reduction in shotgun recoil and recoil.

The action of the stock, combined with that of the Microcore® recoil pad, which expands instantaneously to fit snugly against the shooter's shoulder, create a perfect balance, allowing almost instantaneous recovery between one shot and the next.

B-Link® gas-operating system

Kick-Off® stock

Microcore® recoil pad


Steelium® barrels


Barrel Length: 76 cm
Barrel Type: Optima Bore HP
Chamber: 3"
Locking System: Rotating bolt head
Recoil Pad: MicroCore® (20 mm)
Top Rib: 6X6
Left Handed: No
Scope Mount: Yes
Stock Finishing/Color: Camo Max5
Barrel Finishing/Color: Camo Max5
Gauge: 12
Activity: Waterfowl,Upland
Bore Diameter: 18.6 mm
Choke: OCHP
Reciprocating System: Gas Operated
Stock: Pistol
Product Segment: Hunting
Reducer: Fixed Reducer
Ready for Gunpod: No
Choke: 6X6 BVP, Choke Tubes whrench set 1-3-5